We develop marketing concepts, plans and their analysis.

Promotional strategies and product design are created by us.

Implementation of Customer Relationship Management.

We develop the structure of sales and marketing activities for

you with look at the economics of the company's goals.

Strategies and concepts with the necessary marketing methods

be revised by us.

Sales goals by using revenue statistics, we optimize for you.

Fair preparation and presentation coaching and training

of the sales team as well as analysis of the distribution channels

and Results, we carry you through.

Establishment and development of customer networks,

analysis of customer preferences.

Analyze distribution costs schedules for all cost centers and

Develop measures to maximize profits.

Improve customer service, design and

Implementation of brand names.

Control of sales and marketing products resistors at

Market analysis. With implementation of sales activities

achieve optimal corporate goal.

Improving skills in sales.

Coaching of sales teams.